CraqueStats’ existence as a website is entirely down to donations and it’s patrons.

One of the co-founders, Stephen Drennan, launched a Patreon at the beginning of July 2020 aimed at raising the funds to cover start-up costs of a website and a podcast.

Within days the target had been met to cover the costs of a modest website and further funds have been raised to also cover the costs of hosting a podcast as well as the hardware and software required to make it possible.

It sounds cliche, but this website likely wouldn’t exist without their support for which we will always be eternally grateful.

In particular, we would like to thank those on the higher tiers of support, namely:

  • Samee
  • Fahad M
  • Rachel Erickson Hee
  • Stephen Hollywood
  • Conor McCann
  • @Sarkies_Proxy
  • Dieter Van Gucht
  • Marius Fischer
  • mickpmurphy1 .
  • Ruairi Hatchell
  • Scott Santandrea
  • Stephen Murray
  • Paul Currie

If you too would like to support our work and help us cover the ongoing costs of everything we are doing, please click here.

Thank you once again

Stephen Drennan
Co-founder, CraqueStats