If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms used in articles on, we have compiled a list of definitions of the terms used throughout the site to assist you. Please let us know of any additions you feel should be made to this list.

Expected Goals (xG)

In layman’s terms, xG is the probability that a shot results in a goal.  This calculation is based on numerous in-game variables with pitch location being the most influential. For example, a tap-in from a yard out could result in an xG of 0.95: in other words, 95 times out of a 100 it results in a goal. These individual shot probabilities are often aggregated for an overall assessment.

‘Involvement’ metrics

  • Shot Involvement = shots + chances created
    i.e. you were involved in that shot happening
  • Expected Goal Involvement = xG + xA
    i.e. your contribution towards a team’s xG
  • Goal Involvement = goals + assists (G+A)
    i.e. your contribution towards a team’s goals

Non-Penalty (NP)

Penalties are often removed in analytics as they are rare, high scoring probability events that can skew analysis.

Open Play (OP)

Only looking at situations in open play. Therefore, it excludes penalties, corners, free-kicks etc.

Per 90 (P90)

Per 90’s played. This is all minutes played divided per 90 mins, so whilst a player can be listed with 30 appearances if he only plays 10 mins in each game this would show as 300/90 = 3.33 (ie the equivalent of 3.3 games)

Shot Quality (xG per shot)

This is the average xG value of the shots taken. A higher number indicates the player is taking more shots with a high probability of a goal being scored.


Shots on Target. Looking only at shots that will be saved by the goalkeeper or result in a goal. Therefore, shots that are blocked, hit the woodwork or miss the target completely are excluded.


The percentage of all shots that are on target.

SoT Conv %

The percentage of all SoT that result in goals.

xG Buildup

Sometimes simply called xGBuild. This is the sum of xG for every shot his team has in which he is part of the buildup to the shot but which he does NOT take the final shot or make the final pass. Note – this is not a qualitative measure of the individual’s involvement, it just denotes that he was involved in the passage of play.

xG Chain

This is the same as xG Buildup but it also includes the xG when you are the shot taker or final pass maker.