About Us

Welcome to CraqueStats. Craque is a Portuguese word meaning ‘best’ or ‘ace’. It’s most common use is Craque do Jogo; the equivalent of the ‘MVP’ or ‘Man of the Match” in the Brazilian Portuguese language.

CraqueStats’ aim is to mesh the technical, tactical and statistical elements of football analysis to provide a unique perspective on the game. We provide high-quality visualisations as graphical support as well as various analytics tools.

Our founders, Dan Ribeiro and Stephen Drennan, initially met on RAWK, a popular forum for Liverpool fans. There they produced articles and graphics using publicly available data. In 2018, they took their work to social media launching the @CraqueStats twitter account from which to share content.

In July 2020, with the Coronavirus outbreak drying up all avenues to freelance work, @CraqueStats decided they needed a website on which they could host articles.

The start-up costs for the website were covered entirely by our Patrons and other very generous donations, for which we are and always will be extremely grateful.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us for consultancy services or collaboration of any kind. We are also very grateful to receive any donations to help with hardware, software, licensing and other expansion costs.