Paulo Dybala is being linked with a move to Premier League due Spurs and United. And if reading this has felt like a heavy slap by Mr Déjà vu then it is because the exact same rumours were reported only last summer. Has the interest been renewed? Are the media recycling old news for engagement? Or does Dybala have the motivation to see his name talked about with other clubs?

The truth, as ever, is perhaps a little bit of everything. Manchester United’s season long pursuit of Jadon Sancho seems to have hit a stumbling block in terms of the transfer fee. They have been linked with Rabbi Matondo and Douglas Costa, as if to demonstrate to Dortmund there are other fish in the sea. A renewed link with Dybala would simply be much of the same of them.

Tottenham Hotspur seem to perennially linked with big name signings, only for them to fall through around deadline day each summer. Many Spurs fans are wary of this pattern with Daniel Levy in charge and wouldn’t be surprised if Dybala 2.0 ended up simply being the failure of Dybala 1.0 but with updated packaging.

Breakdown of Paulo Dybala's attacking numbers from his last 5 seasons at Juventus. Data as of Tue, 18 August 2020.
Breakdown of Paulo Dybala’s attacking numbers from his last 5 seasons at Juventus. Data as of Tue, 18 August 2020.

Paulo Dybala to Spurs or United: Why it won’t materialise

In reality, this deal would make little sense for either club. For United, case, the overall financial package needed to sign someone of Dybala’s calibre would be huge. In fact, they are unlikely to save much compared to the amount required to acquire Jadon Sancho. So, if the stumbling block of Sancho is a monetary one, why Dybala?

As for Spurs, they have just taken out a £175m loan from the Bank of England. Given how financially prudent Daniel Levy is, it is unfathomable that Spurs would make this purchase. Not without a substantial amount coming in from a sale, like Bale’s sale in 2013.

Paulo Dybala to Spurs or United: Just Media Rumours

It is always possible this is all just a means to sell newspapers and get engagement online for the media. Isn’t that exactly what is happening in this article, for example? And while we are on the subject, please read what we had to say about this last year. You’ll like it. It has five years of shots maps, etc.

FourFourTwo demonstrated years ago how transfer gossip was invented by Rupert Murdoch as a means to fill space in the paper early editions. Such was the popularity for idle gossip, it has since become a business in and of itself.

Paulo Dybala to Spurs or United: The Real Reason

So, what is really going on here?

It is possible, as with many media rumours of players moving clubs, this is all about power. In this case, negotiating power for Dybala when his agent sits down to hash out the terms of his next contract.

Dybala’s agent Jorge Antun confirmed that negotiations with Juventus over a new deal are at an “advanced” stage.

“Paulo Dybala is a Juventus player and happy to be one. We’ll work with the club to renew the contract with our usual attitude as always.”

– Jorge Antun

So it seems the wonderful left foot of Dybala will be remaining in Turin for the foreseeable future.

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