Following Watford’s final-day lost against Arsenal, the vultures will be circling over their squad looking for a bargain. According to their most valuable asset at the moment is Ismaila Sarr. So let us compare the Senegal international to his fellow countryman, Sadio Mané.

It would be unfair to compare Sadio Mané at Liverpool to Ismaila Sarr. One is playing for the current champions while the other was just relegated. Therefore, we will compare Sadio in his final season at Southampton prior to his £34 million pound move to Liverpool.

Statistical Comparison: Ismaila Sarr vs Sadio Mané

Statistical comparison of Ismaila Sarr and Sadio Mané. Data as at Thu, 23 July 2020.
Statistical comparison of Ismaila Sarr and Sadio Mané. Data as at Thu, 23 July 2020.

We can see here that Sadio still has superior attacking numbers to Sarr across the board. To provide some context though, this was Sarr’s first season in English football. Perhaps we need to consider time to settle into a new league and culture. Allow for some adjustment period to Premier League football.

Ismaila Sarr attacking involvement per match

Expected Goal Involvement for Ismaila Sarr match-to-match this season. Data as at Sun, 26 July 2020.

We can see above when looking at his numbers a fairly steady and consistent improvement until we entered the lockdown. Afterwhich, Sarr took a while to get back up to speed. He did manage to find some form against Arsenal though.

We also need to account for the fact Sadio Mané was playing for a Southampton side that finished sixth in the Premier League. They also scored fifty-nine goals; 64% more than Watford’s thirty-six.

Ismaila Sarr does look an outstanding young talent though. He would certainly provide some much-needed pace from the bench for Liverpool. Could he ever achieve the heights of African Footballer of the Year Sadio Mané?

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